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Archaeological research and investigations



United States of America - Bear Island - Read

The Bear Island Project, led by Sébastien Perrot-Minnot (Eveha International), is a continuation of the Sadie Cove Project (2017-2018). It relates to the rock painting site of Bear Island, which is located on Alaska’s south-central coast (Kachemak Bay). This project comprising two field seasons (2019-2020) is aimed at documenting, analyzing and contextualizing the rich rock art manifestations of Bear Island. It could make it possible to define a rock art of the Kachemak Tradition (circa 1500 BC-600 to 1000 AD), a cultural entity attributed to the Alutiiq or “Pacific Eskimo”.

Indonesia - Sangiran - Read

The international participatory school "Human Origins Heritage" was organized in the central part of Java Island for two years by Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana of Salatiga (UKSW) and Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN). Its aim is to enable students of various nationalities and academic backgrounds to develop within the framework of this program a short project, with interdisciplinary issues, in contact with the local Sangiran dome communities.


Sultanate of OmanUnited Arab Emirates - Oasiwat - Read

Eveha International collaborates to the "ANR project JCJC: OASIWAT". Directed by Louise Purdue (CNRS, CEPAM-UMR 7264, Nice Sophia Antipolis University) it takes place between the Emirates (Masafi, Dayah and Khatt) and the Sultanate of Oman (Rustaq).

Palestine - Hebron - Read

Eveha International carried out a preliminary study of the glass artefacts found on the Mambré Oak site in Hebron (West Bank). This project is led by Jehad Yasin (Department of Antiquities of the West Bank) and Vincent Michel (University of Poitiers, HeRMA).