Al Sharqiya

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As part of the Jarama necropolis tombs project, a pedestrian survey is conducted by Eveha International in the Al Sharqiya region.

The excavation campaigns
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PhD. Christophe Sévin-Allouet (Éveha International)

Archaeological campaigns led during these last four years on the necropolis of Khor Jarama 1, located in the Ja’alan area, has brought to light what is probably a new prehistoric culture unknown in Oman.
Indeed, the excavation of seven tombs located not far from the Jarama lagoon has enabled the discovery of the first funerary monuments known to date in Oman. These latter has been dated from the middle of the 4th millennium BC for the oldest ones, that is to say several centuries before the monumental tombs of Hafit period. These tombs, certainly built for chief and/or very important members of the community, are characterized by new architectures as well as by new funerary practices observed in Oman.
The objective to this survey was to verify if others necropolis showing same characteristics are presents at scale of the Ja’alan area (Al Sharqiya) in order to undertake a new project aiming to better understand this tombs and their communities of builders.

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