Since 2017, the Mission Archéologique Franco-Ouzbèke en Bactriane Protohistorique (MAFBAP), led by Johanna Lhuillier (CNRS/Archéorient) and Shapulat Shaydullaev (Termez State Univ.), has been exploring the Kayrit Oasis located on the foothills of the Kugitang Tau in ancient Bactria (Uzbekistan). The aim of the project is to understand the transition from Bronze Age Oxus civilization (c. 2200/2000-1500/1400 B.C.) to Early Iron Age cultures (1500/1400 - 1000 B.C.) and the dynamics of settlement and adaptation during the latter period. Translated with (free version)

The excavation campaigns
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Johanna Lhuillier (CNRS, UMR 5133 Archéorient)
Shapulat Shaydullaev (Université d’Etat de Termez, Ouzbékistan)

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