Sultanate of Oman
Qalhât Project – 2017

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Axelle Rougeulle (CNRS, UMR8167 – Orient et Méditerranée).

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The Qalhat Project has been underway since 2007 in the Sultanate of Oman, under the direction of Axelle Rougeulle (UMR 8167, CNRS). It focuses on one of the most important port sites of the southern Arabian peninsula for the late Middle Ages.


After a decade spent on field missions of excavations and numerous discoveries, the 2017 campaign was devoted to the publication of synthesis reports. Additional checks and field surveys were also conducted while artefact studies were carried out in the “excavation house”. The artefacts of certain buildings were exhaustively studied: while the ceramic had already been widely treated, the study of glass, lapidary and metal objects remained to be done. What’s more, the Ministry of Heritage and Culture authorized us to bring the coins back to France in order to study them.


The first publications should concern the twin houses (B94) and a possible craftman’s workshop (B39).


On site, the storage of equipment within the new archaeological deposit continued. At the same time, conservation work has resumed on the archaeological site while the restoration of the Great Mosque of Qalhat begun under the leadership of the World Monuments Fund. Before this work started, a team from Iconem completed the photogrammetric coverage of the monuments to be restored.