Hebron 2019

The excavation campaigns
(by years)


Jehad Yasin (Départment of Antiquities, West Bank)
Vincent Michel (Université de Poitiers, HerMA)

How Eveha Participates

Glass artefacts study

In 2019, the excavations were focused east of the city wall. The surveys enabled to discover massive wall structures and mosaic pavements, suggesting a large-scale occupation in the area.
An accurate plan of the sector was made possible thanks to these surveys.

The study of archaeologcal artefacts is of major importance to fully understand the site and establish a sound phasing of the settlement.
Emphasis was placed on the glass objects, which were found in large quantities over the last four years. Laudine Robin (Eveha International) was entrusted by Vincent Michel to study these elements during one week.

Given the quantities, only the glass artefacts found within the city wall and in the surveys to the south of it were studied. They were found during the 2016 to 2018 excavation campaigns.
A complete and exhaustive inventory of 988 fragments was carried out. Each object has been drawn and photographed. The study revealed at least 355 objects, splitted up into the tableware and the jewellery categories.
The crockery, comprising open and closed shapes, consisted of 143 objects.
The jewellery, which consisted of bracelets, a pearl and two rings, represented at least 212 individuals. Given the importance of this lot, only a preliminary study could be carried out. It mainly consisted in specifying the typology of the identified shapes.

In order to pursue this study, it will be needed to give a datation by phase of all these artefacts and to search for comparisons with similar lots found in the region.