Sangiran – 2019

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François Sémah (Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle)

How Eveha Participates

Secondment of a researcher
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The 2019 campaign took place in Sangiran during May. As part of the HOH 2019 program, five scopes of reflections have been developed by students in the context of group projects:

• Groupe 1 : Museums and sites
• Groupe 2 : Perception of museums in Sangiran
• Groupe 3 : Living in a world heritage site
• Groupe 4 : Sangiran and heritage
• Groupe 5 : Sangiran is a place of science


At the end of the week of investigations on the Sangiran site around these axes, each group prepared an oral communication of the results as well as a written report. These will be the subject of a collection of articles.


In addition to these group projects, plenary interactive sessions and lectures during these two weeks covered various aspects and themes of research, including:

• The prehistoric site of Sangiran
• Human fossils
• Participatory sciences
• Communication and communities
• Heritage
• Scientific knowledge dissemination, tourism and development
• The prehistory of Indonesia : humans
• The prehistory of Indonesia : cultures
• Rescue archaeology & heritage : a science of the past for the futur
• Tourism and development, example of Komodo island
• The main events in Indonesian Prehistory