Aghmat – 2015

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The excavation campaigns
(by years)


Abdallah Fili (University of’El Jadida).
Ronald Messier (Middle State University/Vanderbilt University).
Chloé Capel (CNRS, UMR 7041, Arscan).

How Eveha Participates


Archaeological excavation was quite limited during this season. Only the area around the qubba was investigated, revealing new features and giving us a greater understanding of the development of this part of the town. Among the elements studied was a large, carefully constructed basin for ablutions. A topographical survey of these remains was also conducted, as was the case for many of the features uncovered during previous seasons. This aspect of the project was the main activity carried out by a member of Éveha International. In addition to updating the site data, work began on a general revision of the site plan, with the aim of obtaining a more complete and accurate document. This is being carried out alongside the creation of a database to link surveyed features with a recording system. All of these elements are integrated into a GIS, which is still under construction. It will eventually be possible to create an archaeological map, though the area this will cover has yet to be decided. An evaluation of the most effective way to survey the entire site of Aghmat and the surrounding area was also carried out. The use of a drone is inhibited by the presence of numerous areas of vegetation, but Lidar survey may be possible if funding is found.

Photogrammetric survey is planned for the upcoming seasons, in particular of the baths or the large mosque. The project is expected to run for several years.

All of the techniques put in place this year or planned for the near future may turn out to be very useful for the continuing programme for the promotion of the site, as the project has both a research and a heritage objective.