Pompeii – RECAP Project – 2015

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The excavation campaigns
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Hélène Dessales (ENS / CNRS UMR 8546)

How Eveha Participates

Implementation of the project.

The 2015 season was essentially a preparatory phase. The various project collaborators travelled to Pompeii to determine the research programme’s schedule on-site and to better evaluate the work to be carried out. Research will be officially launched at the beginning of summer 2016 in the form of doctoral work placements under the supervision of several team members, in particular H. Dessales (Project RECAP director, UMR 8546/ENS-CNRS), G. Chapelin (CNRS, Centre Jean Bérard), A. Coutelas (ArkéMine, UMR 8546/ENS-CNRS), Ch. Loiseau (Bureau d’études Éveha/Éveha International, UMR 8546/ENS-CNRS) and F. Monnier (UMR 8546/ENS-CNRS).