Dush – 2014

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The excavation campaigns
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M. Wuttmann (†)

B. Midant-Reynes (IFAO)

How Eveha Participates

Study of the qanats
GIS creation and management
Preparation for publication

The 2014 season was largely focused on preparing the publication of the recent excavation seasons. The collaborator from Éveha International, Thierry Gonon, has been a member of the project team since 1996. This year he undertook further examination of the qanats, of which he is a specialist.

In addition, work also involved updating and relaunching the GIS which has been in place for several years, through the migration of data to a new format (from GRASS to PostGIS). This is an essential tool for the management of the archaeological map currently being developed.

Some of this season was also dedicated to producing ideas for potential new projects, in order to stimulate research into the historical periods. The team is still profoundly affected by the tragic passing of Michel Wuttmann in 2013 and the research project must be redefined as a result.