Dikili Tash – 2015

The excavation campaigns
(by years)


Pascal Darcque (CNRS, UMR 7041)
H. Koukouli-Chryssanthaki (Emeritus Ephor of Antiquities)
D. Malamidou (Greek Ministry of Culture)
Z. Tsirtsoni (CNRS, UMR 7041)

How Eveha Participates

Analysis, conservation and restoration of artefacts and earthen architectural remains.

The 2015 season took place from 7 July to 4 August 2015 and focused exclusively on analysis of the artefacts. The study of the earth-built architecture was begun. With regards to the restoration, a number of clay storage jars were partially reconstructed and consolidated. Research on new consolidants was carried out, to solve problems caused by earlier products (non-reversible, too deeply absorbed, impossible to conduct micromorphological analysis etc.). These new techniques enabled us to restore a probable oven and several storage vessels. This season, progress was also made on the analysis of several earthen walls, in particular the corner of the building which was removed from the site.