Lambaesis – 2011

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The excavation campaigns
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Aïcha Malek (ENS).

How Eveha Participates


The 2011 season took place from August to October and involved the participation of French and Algerian archaeologists, as well as several specialists and interns.


This season was predominantly focused on the publication of two structures excavated during previous years: the house of Phrixus and Helle, and the “Tigress House”.


On site, additional observations were carried out on the buildings’ construction and decoration, and the site plans were updated.


The specialist analyses concentrated on various categories of material: with regards to architecture and decoration, the earthen building remains and frescoes were studied. In terms of artefacts, analysis focused on glassware, metal and pottery. A number of Algerian interns took part in this work, which provided them with training.